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Consumer Protection and Telemarketing Abuse

Consumer Protection and Telemarketing Abuse

FDCPA – Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

If you have been harassed, threatened, or intimidated into paying money you do or do not owe, your rights may have been violated under the FDCPA. Have you been the victim of:

  • Multiple weekly calls
  • Inappropriate hour calls (before 8 am or after 9 pm)
  • Workplace disruption
  • Harmful or offensive language
  • Threats of litigation and credit reporting
  • Insufficient notice regarding debt dispute rights
  • Improper notification
  • Communication subsequent to “do not call” request

TCPA – Telephone Consumer Protection Act

These debt collection practices are violations that occur in concert with other consumer protection laws, such telephone calls made in violation under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). If you are the victim of unwanted solicitations in violation of Federal Law, please contact The Hohenstein Law Firm to assist you with your rights as you may be entitled to money as a result of these infractions.

TSR – Telephone Sales Rule

DNC – Do Not Call Violations


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